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Dear Colleagues,

I hope that you all are enjoying the Olympic Games and for all the doubters I think we all can agree it has been outstanding and looking especially at the talent of the youth, a pure delight. I think another delight was seeing the total advancement of women in the Olympics and in the world of sport and especially the mixed events would have been an eye opener for many.  A lot of people possibly questioned the atmosphere and the empty stadiums but I must say I made the right decision to watch it from home. Even from home I felt the amazing atmosphere of the Olympics.

The council will discuss over the next week on how we will hold the election. Before the end of the month, we will send all the information out to each and every member but we will hold it around the same timeline.

Also, on Monday the new AIMS revamped website will be online. We want to launch it after the closing of the Olympics. Please if you have any stories send them to Ravi so we can publish and promote your sport and athletes.

We are also working on the UTS festival. We will call in a meeting soon to discuss the next steps and we very much hope for your support.

We are now also working with the IOC on the next round for IOC recognition and will brief you on this later on. I hope that we will be able to hold it as a joint meeting with the IOC.

I wish all of you a joyful weekend, hopefully with your loved ones.

Stay healthy.

In respect and friendship.


Stephan Fox
President, AIMS


Alliance of Independent Recognised Members of Sport