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Subject Executive meeting in Seoul in October, 2016

ISTF Briefs 2016
On the occasion of the 15th ISTF World Soft Tennis Championships, Mr. Sang-Ha PARK was re-
elected President of International Soft Tennis Federation (ISTF) in India in November 2015.
President Park has set up the new ISTF Executive Committee comprised of Presidents of its
affiliated National Federations in order to increase the popularity of the Soft Tennis, and to move
forward with dynamism.

On 29 October~1 November 2016, the 1st ISTF Executive Committee meeting was convened at
Palace Hotel in Seoul, Korea. At its Executive Committee meeting, it made the following decisions
along with in-house events:
1)   Awarding of Plaques of Appointments to its newly elected Executive Committee members
2)   Awarding the Hosting Rights of the 2019 ISTF World Soft Tennis Championships to
Zhejiang Taizhou City, China, following the voting procedures and in consideration of the
analysis of the Evaluation Report as well as the presentation process attended by China
and Japan(Germany excused)
3)   Discussions  and Decisions include:
(1) Regulations on the election of ISTF President and Duties & Responsibilities of the ISTF
Executive Committee
(2) Use of the Title of International Soft Tennis Competitions
(3) Creation of International University Committee
(4) Annual Membership Fee by National Federations and Contribution by Office Bearers
(5) Doping Expenses
(6) Future ISTF World Junior Soft Tennis Championships
(7) Other Items as attached